Hello, and welcome to our fledgling jewellery business where you will find an eclectic mix of hand-made, and hand-finished, jewellery made from amazing Baltic amber to precious stones, semi-precious stones, and glass crystals set with ArgentiumTM silver(935), Sterling Silver(925), or Silver metal clay.

So, who are Squiffs jewellery…?

We founded the company last year, and along with my husband (and frequent assistance from our able four pawed helpers), I spend happy hours each day planning, making, and finishing pieces of jewellery.

It all originally began when I found myself taking time out to be a carer, days of early morning commutes around the UK were no longer required, which was leaving me with odd periods of time on my hands and not sure what to do.

I’ve always liked different, not always standard, jewellery, and had always wished I knew how to make things.

My husband suggested a hobby ..... so during the first lock-down I decided to study for the GIA AJP which is a professional applied jewellery programme.  Courses taken were diamond essential, jewellery essentials and coloured stone essentials.  The courses once completed and final exams passed award a diploma, and I’m pleased to say I passed and received my diploma certificate ..... then along came London Jewellery School, other jewellery courses, followed by a few commissions to friends ...... and we are where we are now!

My mornings are now brightened by watching swans and ducks peacefully swim down the river past our back gate, and also watching our family pets enjoy playing in our garden. Although, I look back on the change to jewellery making as a blessing something I could share as a carer.

I am not a Silversmith, nor a Goldsmith, however, having been drawn to Argentium silver because of its hypo-allergic, non-soldered properties I've started to fuse some handmade pieces.  Please take a look at our Argentium category for my beginners pieces - the ambition is to refine my skills and add more uniquely individual, one-off items. The prices of these items reflect that they are my beginnings and I hope you enjoy them.

Precious metal clay is a mix of microscopic particles of pure silver (or fine gold), and a water-soluble, non-toxic, organic binder that burns off during hand or kiln firing and leaves a piece of fine silver jewellery.  It's a new skill and one which will see more items becoming available.  

Like Argentium Precious metal clay is eco-friendly and easily recycled.

We hope that you enjoy our collection of other offerings which are a mix of handmade, hand compiled, and a small amount of wholesale stock all of which would be dispatched to you individually wrapped, with a ribbon of thanks to you the customer for supporting this small Lincolnshire business.

Please, enjoy your time with us and browse our site slowly, as we hope that in doing so you will find that something special item .......... also please remember that if requested we will happily hold any piece of jewellery for up to seven days if you need time to sort out payment.